Can Admitting to One’s Faults Favor Josh Hamilton?

One tweet from a father in law and the snowball was pushed downhill.  Josh came clean about a recent occurrence that happened with regularity in the past.  How will he league office handle Josh Hamilton?  Also what can baseball do to appeal to a new fan base with a limited attention span.  These issues are on the docket for Apex Baseball Betting.

Josh Hamilton and the Letter of the Law

How should the Angels’ Josh Hamilton be treated according to MLB drug policy in terms of suspensions and such?  Josh has had several brushins with substance abuse although they all occurred at the minor league level.  In this bubble, he could be treated as a first time offender and just be elevated into a recovery program and such.  However, past personal history might allow the commissioner enough wiggle room to escalate Josh up the ladder in terms of what offense this really is.  The 33 year old was the feel good story in baseball as he missed three years with bouts of booze and drugs.  He recovered, produced great seasons in Texas, and was given the monster deal from the Angels.  A shoulder injury will keep him out for some time but he admitted his usage, never got caught in a test, and should be given a light sentence considering that most others deny going to their grave infractions of this nature.

Three Hours Too Much?

Cinema has shortened their features over the years because they comprehend the fact that attention spans are becoming more limited.  Mobile devices and most of the world at your fingertips plays against the slow methodical pace of play that baseball crawls to.  162 games in which the average game is clocked at over three hours.  With the pace of play clock being used in the spring leagues, another change is coming and it is in direct correlation to bloated offensive numbers.  154 might be the new number as in games per season.  For those die hards that say 162 is the grail for numbers we counter with this.  Less than ten percent of all players go to play 150 or more games.  All that the extra games would do is line the pockets with a little more green.  APEX Baseball Betting is interested in quality ball and not necessarily quantity.  The reduction to 154 would suit us if it ever came to be again.