Braun Homers but Brewers Still Below Average

Thank you Mr. Ryan Braun for a bomb that mean absolutely nothing.  He gets his first homer this year.  A solo shot in the top of the ninth losing six to nothing is probably more a result of the pitcher gophering it up than a masterpiece of slugging.  Panic should be issued on the Brewers because he can not clearly cope with the outages of Lucroy and Gomez on the DL.  Fade the Brewers at every chance until their core gets back on track.  Let us look at what else is on the plate in this issue of Apex’s Baseball betting.

Bryant and the Cubs Take Off

First day jitters saw Kris Bryant really struggle to make contact.  After those first few at bats, the learning curve was seemingly conquered and we are seeing potential fulfilled early on.  He tore apart the Pirates.  He batted in the tying running, the go ahead runs, and later scored himself.  He and Jorge Solerr (4-5 last night) give each other enough protection for themselves and the rest of the surrounding order.  The Cubbies might be a force come this fall.

Praise for CC Misplaced

No mere mortal can keep the Tiger’s lineup down like CC did on Monday night.  After two rough starts, the New York rags are proclaiming that he is back.  However in their rush to believe, they are missing a very pertinent fact.  The Motor City had gusty winds pouring in from the outfield keeping everything in the park.  Bolstered by the fact that few if any mistakes were going to be cashed in, he was able to go after hitters with his oddly pedistrian pitches this year.  This was an illusion we saw in Detroit from the former ace of the Yankees.

Finally, Trevor Bauer gets it.  The Indians pitcher has great stuff.  This is not in dispute however he tempers this with over pitching at times.  This leads to more walks he surrenders than he needs to.  This season appears to be the time that he finally gets it.  His ERA is down below one and he is not giving up those gut punching walks that always seem to bite him at the worst times.  Apex Baseball betting implores you to examine big bets when he is on the bump for the near future.