Brand Name ML Inflation in Baseball

Opening prices offer suffer from Brand Name ML Inflation in baseball action.  Good Morning to everyone here at APEX Baseball Betting.  Today, we shift gears to look at the benefit of the doubt some teams get from the oddsmakers.  This is the tweak before the market opens up to deal with an anticipated flood of one way wagering.  This is not due on the actual price but perceived differences due to conditions not for just the one game ahead.  We will look at the live lines at America’s Bookie to see how Boston was over valued at the start of sports investing for their game on the 5th of July against Texas.

Brand Name ML Inflation : Boston -200

Two reasons why a Boston team at home is getting -200 against a Texas (52-32).  First off is their brand name.  People will tend to back teams like Boston, the Yankees, New England Patriots, and Alabama Crimson Tide no matter what the price might be.  There is at some point where they will stop but the bookie seeks to extract extra value and safety because he knows that certain customers will go down with the ship.  Secondly, David Price is on the mound.  His reputation as an ace is slowly diminishing but his name gets some people to enter password confirm on wagers when he is pitted against someone who is not known well.  Let us look at how the sharps reacted to this in the overnight to counter this.

Market Move

Boston was going to be faded by the sharps at prices above -175 in the overnight.  In fact, they hit this game hard enough that the Red Sox have migrated to -180.  Now if one wants a head scratcher for this game, the total dipped at 9 1/2 to nine.  Then at this level the under nine is still getting bet on.  This despite the fact that both starting pitchers have inflated numbers in their last three starts.  Plug in that Boston has scored 22 runs on 37 hits in their last three.  Finally, a humid day in Boston for the 7PM start with a fly ball pitcher.  This is where you see thorough it all for your bet tonight.

Beat the brand name inflation and go for the totals.  Now is the time for the market to be correcting itself.  The over nine runs is at a good price where we at APEX Baseball Betting is recommending it as a buy at Americas Bookie.  Good fortune in this investment and we will see you next time here.