How to Bet On Baseball

It is America’s national pastime and fans everywhere love the crack of the bat, the smell of hot dogs, and the chance to make some money. Betting on baseball is extremely popular, but if you don’t know how… It can be kind of intimidating. Follow along as we help you make expert picks on MLB games.

The Moneyline

The easiest bet not only in baseball but in other sports too is betting on a team to win outright. This is referred to as moneyline betting. You can read odds on a typical MLB game on your favorite sportsbook. They will look like this:

Boston Red Sox +170

New York Yankees -200

The favored team is always designated with the minus sign (-) and the underdog is the one with the plus sign (+). In the above example, the Yankees are the favorite and the Red Sox are the underdog. 

In this case, you would need to wager $200 on the Yankees in order to win $100. A $100 bet on the Red Sox would net you a win of $170. Moneyline betting is pretty simple. Bet on the winner regardless of the point spread and win.

MLB Totals

As is common in other sports, players can bet on the total combined score a game. Bettors can wager that the final score will go Over or Under the Total established by bookmakers. Take the same two teams, Boston and New York, in this example.

Over  7.5

Under  7.5

When betting the Total, it is the bettor’s job to determine whether the score will be higher or lower than what the oddsmakers have set. In the above example, a bet on the Over means you believe the two teams will combine for 8 or more points. If you expect the final score to be a combined seven points or less, you would bet on the Under.

Runline Betting

The runline in baseball is the same as the point spread in other sports. Since baseball is a lower scoring sport, the runline for every game is 1.5. When the odds are established for a game, one team is essentially given the advantage of 1.5 runs to create a more even betting field. 

Here is what runline odds look like for a MLB game:

Boston Red Sox  +1.5

New York Yankees  -1.5

The Yankees must win by two runs or more to cover the runline. When making MLB picks against the spread, you are betting that a team will win by at least two runs. 

You can also bet on Boston. The Red Sox would produce a winning bet if they lost by one or beat the Yankees outright. 

Getting Started

Whether you are just getting started betting on baseball or you have some experience, increasing your winning percentage comes down to having the best information available. You can get that with Game Advisers. 

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