Betting on Baseball : Special Situations

This is the time of season where Betting on Baseball has some special situations as we enter August.  Great to see you here once again at APEX Baseball Betting.  Some of the teams have thrown up the flag and not even know it yet.  Last night on ESPN Sunday Night baseball, there was such an epic collapse that it left one team on the edge.  Combine that with the fact that it occurred at the end of a long road trip and we have a situation ripe for a fade.  SO let us examine the where and why profit will probably occur by fading the Seattle Mariners this evening.

Betting on Baseball : Beyond Starting Pitching

Usually a prudent point to launch from in baseball handicapping is the starting pitching and their momentum coming into the game.  Tonight’s game where Boston visits Seattle is a stark exception.  Monitoring the odds and prices at Americas Bookie, we are ready to pounce on this game.  Look at the Seattle state of mind leaving Chicago.  This team had a 6-0 lead with their ace on the mound.  Bottom of the ninth saw them surrender three runs to tie the game at six apiece.  Bottom of the 12th saw the winning run cross the plate for the completion of the collapse 7-6.  Now at the very end of the road trip on an early Monday morning, they have to travel two time zones to come back home.

Real Life

With such a long trip, the players have to attend to real world matters with their households that were put on the backburner during their time away.  All of that and now they get to face an AL East team that is in contention for their division title.  Motivation on one side while the temptation to phone this one game of the 162 game schedule looms large.  All that is left is to form the wagering attack plan to reel in the profit for this 10PM game.

With a slow start all be assured by the Mariners, two wagers come to mind.  First team to score prop for the Red Sox should be a component of your parlay action tonight.  First five innings for the Red Sox ML should be the other item to pluck profit with.  Special circumstance requires just a little thinking outside of the box for the game tonight.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.