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Today, we examine how to Bet MLB action when it comes to a certain strong home field element.  It is great to see everyone back at APEX Baseball Betting and we extend our best well wishes to all.  General stat lines are those tidy little stats that we often stop short at.  A cursory examination of the starting pitchers rarely paint a complete picture.  We have learned how to examine their last three starts as a key factor determining momentum.  Now we look to the home and away splits as another method to make decisions between two seemingly equal teams.

Bet MLB : Tigers Mariners 8/8

Out on the west coast, we have two hot teams colliding for this game.  The Tigers had a very successful home stand that has seen them get within two games of the division leader.  Seattle was at the door of .500 but have won three straight to get to 57-53.  So now we have Fulmer for Detroit vs Iwakuma of Seattle.  Both have pretty much equal records in terms of their last three.  Fulmer’s might be a little worse than his season stats but pretty much the two are evenly matched.  So this is why the Tigers opened up as a very slight road favorite.  What could cause the overnight sharp action to lean towards Seattle then?

Home Away Split Recently

Here we have night and day for Iwakuma.  Let us look at the last four games of his.

  • Houston and Boston at Seattle.  Zero runs, no walks, and 15K’s in over 15 innings of work
  • Last two road games.  7 runs, 5k’s, and four walks.

Clearly, he is much more comfortable in the large confines of Safeco.  It is just not the park factor but that he allows himself to sling the ball without abandon.  Until he hits the wall, he should be considered a favorite almost over any visiting pitcher.

So we can conclude that the sharps are correct for moving the line in this one.  Best way to avail this is in the five inning line.  Go with Seattle ML for the first five for your best chance at baseball profit on August 8th.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball.