Best Bullpens to Bet on During the September Stretch

Some bullpens have to evolve while others are already matured.  Streaky natures of the closers can elevate a team in the playoffs but what about in the September stretch.  Here at APEX Baseball Betting we have two light out pens ready to increase the value of their teams in this key stretch.  Let us look at both squads so we can plan accordingly when the calendar turns the page from August.

Memorable Mets Outing

No it would be almost unfair for the Mets to have this area locked down as well as their fireball starters.  Instead we will go with Baltimore and what they did to the Mets the other night.  Hordes of Orioles pitchers came in and only allowed one run to keep the O’s close.  In the end, gold was found Urruita went walk off with the long ball to bring Baltimore back.  Zach Britton is the immense presence one needs to nail down ninth inning leads. Baltimore has not lost one when he entered in the final stanza.  With the other dimensions of relief pitching in, they will grind out many more wins than they should in September.

Not KC but STL

Most everyone knows about this dimension on the Royals and is factored into their chances.  However, STL still has to be motivated as their division has two quality teams nipping at their heels.  While the Cubs have slightly cooled, Pittsburgh has been relentless in pursuit.  This is why the firemen of the Cardinals will save them in September.  Any game that is close should go unevenly towards STL.  Rosenthal with his 98 mile per hour headhutning fastball has gotten his placement of this pitch down cold.  More importantly, he adjusts to the umpires intepretation of where the strike zone is.  Invaluable for profit this trait is.

So what is so special on selecting the Cardinals.  Not much but they should go above their average ML for the month of September.  Real value is with Baltimore.  Too much focus on Toronto and New York has this team stopping at valueville at every turn.  Wager on them in September to remember the month for the profit you will have made.