Baseball Money Management : 2x on Rays@Royals 5/30

8PM start on Memorial Day for us to practice baseball money management.  The question is often asked on what to do when you get that juicy tip.  Advice from that person that either does not seem to lose or has been on a heater right now.  Kansas City fought hard all weekend long to get the lead in the AL Central.  Now they get to host the Rays with a very affordable moneyline on  them.  Before just firing the bet, let us look why they are only near -120 for the game on May 30th!

Baseball Money Management : Be Prepared to Lean

All your ducks in a row is the mindset when that big bet of the day or week comes along.  High Street Betting has great advise on money management to get you to that proper place to pounce.  So now we are put in a place here that the sportsbooks have put out a really curious line.  Kansas City has dominated Tampa Bay as of late.

  • 20-6
  • 12-1 at home against TB

The first thing that is going to stop Royal’s money is their injuries.  Alex Gordon is on the DL.  Perez at catcher is also expected to be out.  So the deciding factor in setting the price is dependent on the pitching matchup.

Matt Andriese

Tampa might want to give Matt Andriese more opportunity as he is one of their bright spots in 2016.  Take a look of his stats here.  His hits per nine is going at an excellent clip.  What is hard to calculate here is that the Rays closer, Brad Boxberger, is back?  He is way above average but how long will it take him to knock the rust off of his game?

Ian Kennedy is having a solid year but his recent start plus history against the Rays are iffy.  He got clubbed in a 10-4 blowout by Minnesota.  Tampa has taken him to task recently going 0-4 with almost an eight in ERA.  Massive movement on the total has taken the under 8 from -105 to -130.  In a low scoring game, the Royals have the advantage in their creation of runs.  Momentum is still on there side so the KC ML is where the profit is at. Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.