Baseball April in the Books – Who’s a Worthy Look for May?

With MLB’s first month in the tank we thought what better way to welcome the month of May than to evaluate exactly where teams stand and who deserves a second look with your hard-earned betting dollar. Baseball is a funny game and can be unpredictable at times it can also be a rewarding game to bet on and a game that with patience, can win the bettor a ton of money. The “wise guys” swear by baseball, it’s hands down their sport of choice and many make a handsome living betting this great game.

How can one make a living betting baseball?

Nobody is suggesting that anyone quit their day job and take up gambling on baseball as a living, not by any stretch. This would be really risky and for one reason; even the best handicappers on the planet can’t win em all! There is a loss factor to consider when playing baseball. The season is long and it consists of 162 games a year. Clayton Kershaw is 1-4 to start the season. This number tells you that not all things in life are predictable and another thing it tells you is underdogs win and they win often.  Underdogs win in baseball 42% of the time. This is a big number to remember. How do you know when an underdog is going to win? You don’t. There are some tips however to give you a leg up.

Where’s the Money – Betting on NBA or MLB?

When betting mlb baseball, look at streaks. Take the New York Yankees for example. Last weekend they charged into Anaheim on a tear and left Anaheim on a tear and with a nine game streak intact.  The Yankees are pitching out of their minds, hitting the ball very well, they run the base pads with discipline, (they pick their spots) and they play above average defense. They have all of the tools right now. How long can it last? As long as the pitching and bull pen holds up and as long as the bats stay hot.

Kershaw gets no run support and with their star hitter out of the lineup for the Dodgers, life is tough to say the least. Yankees hitting has given their pitching a great amount of run support this year and that’s a lethal combination. Even still, the Yankees left Anaheim, went to Houston and lost their first game of a four game set. The nine game winning streak was over. That’s baseball betting, some days you win, some days it’s not in the cards.

The Boston Red Sox opened the season on a historical run at 17-5 but couldn’t keep it going. 17-5 looks huge and it looks much bigger than 17-8. There is certainly nothing wrong with 17-8 and it is 9 games over .500 but the Red Sox will even out. They are solid and they are a great bet at Fenway. Count on them to stay in the 10 game range above .500.

Ever Wonder Which Sport Underdogs Rule?

The Astros will right the ship and that’s just ridiculous to say after all, they are 20-12. The Yankees marched into Houston and gave them some real competition, especially in the bullpen.

The Dodgers will also right the ship and this team traditionally gets better with age. Kershaw will get his act together as will Alex Wood. These guys are too great of pitchers for things to not turn around and the Dodgers have the bats and they will get it going. The Dodgers starting slow, is no surprise especially without Turner in the lineup. May will be a great month for the Dodgers, Yankees, Astros, Diamondbacks and surprisingly the Mariners. So have fun, find a great online online sportsbook  and get the money in.