Things To Keep In Mind With A Shortened MLB Season

As excited as we all are for the start of the 2020 Major League Baseball season, it’s important to keep in mind that this won’t be like every other season. With a 60-game season, things will be different. Some things we’ll be able to predict while other things we won’t see coming. To stay as prepared

Betting on 2019 MLB World Series Futures

It’s April and that means MLB will consume our time until October. The regular season just started, as most teams have played ten games. We can glean some information from how teams have started, but keep in mind it’s a long season. What I’m watching for during the first few months of the season is

How to Bet On Baseball – Betting on the MLB Second Half

The annual MLB All-Star break marks the halfway point of the regular season even though all 30 teams have played close to 100 of the 162 games on the slate. What this simply means to anyone who loves to bet on the games is there is enough betting action already in the books to aid

Baseball Betting Tips – Win Big With MLB Baseball

Baseball bettors you got to love them, they keep coming back for more and with very good reason. Baseball is king in the sports betting world. The other sports are fun and the NFL is certainly more popular but there is a simple reason for that. In the NFL there are 16 games per year,

Betting Baseball: Four Rules for Success

Betting on baseball is something we do because we love it and it’s lucrative. There is a lot of money to be made betting this game, however, in order to see that money, there is some strategy and a bit of hard work that must be a part of your overall plan. You bet for

How to Bet – Baseball Money lines Explained

Baseball is a numbers game, it’s a grand game and it has a grand history. The game is ruled by superstar athletes that are fun to follow and even fun to bet on individually. Yes, you can do that! Find the right sportsbook and the prop odds are endless. They will often offer odds on

Baseball April in the Books – Who’s a Worthy Look for May?

With MLB’s first month in the tank we thought what better way to welcome the month of May than to evaluate exactly where teams stand and who deserves a second look with your hard-earned betting dollar. Baseball is a funny game and can be unpredictable at times it can also be a rewarding game to

Private Bookies Can Gear Up for an Early MLB Start with Pay Per Head

If you are a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, once the smoke clears from college basketball, the early start of the 2018 MLB regular season is waiting to fill the void. In past MLB seasons, opening day games were scheduled for the first Monday in April. This would normally coincide with

Now is the Time for Betting MLB Futures and Props at an Online Sportsbook

The focus for most sports bettors in March shifts towards college basketball while the Boys of Summer continue to prepare for another MLB season. While you still have some time before the MLB games start counting for real, Opening Day in the Majors has been moved up to the end of this month. This means

Dodgers: Is Their Road to The World Series as Easy as it Looks?

Give it up to Dodgers fans, they are enduring people! It seems like a lifetime since their last World Series victory. 1988 was a lifetime for many, and the question on every fans mind remains; is this the Dodgers year? Have they finally turned the corner? Record alone, says yes. The Dodgers are on pace