Apologies to Prince and other Wed Prime Time Players


We waited for Prince to fold and he had every chance to last night.  His Rangers were now in the lead and he had to wear the hat of the hunted.  So what happened in Houston last night as the AL West lead could have changed once again?  Also the Cubs and Pirates played a titanic game worthy of post season lore. Finally, what did we learn to translate into profit making ventures going forward.  All of this on tap right now at APEX Baseball Betting.

3 for 5 Cinches It

Impressive stat line last night for Fielder.  Reserve judgment until we say that he had two home runs into that mix.  Still not enough?  During the three game sweep of the former division leading Astros, he hit .615 with 3 home runs, eight RBI’s, and eight runs scored.  For a player that faded in the spotlight for Detroit, Texas coaxed the prime time out of him.  We did not think that he nor the Rangers had it in them.  Be prepared to wager on this solid team from here on out when Holland or Hamels is pitching for them.

4-3-4-2-5 Double Play

This was how the Cubs finally got out of a riveting eighth inning that saw them enter it with a 2 to 1 lead.  Hottest pitcher on the planet, Jake Arrieta, was going for them but approaching 100 pitches.  Mix in a lead off infield single and trouble started to brew.  Pittsburgh subbed for a speedster and the next batter hit a rope right at a player.  Somehow SS Javier Baez did not catch it.   Now first and third with no outs.  Baez makes it for it by getting a grounder at the next at bat and going home with it to nail the runner.  The Pirates would get the tying run still before the Cubs would pull the exotic 4-3-4-2-5 double play to end a 20 minute bottom of the inning.  The Cubs would go on to win in 12 innings.

Keep these games in mind for playoff handicapping.  At this point, all four of these teams have an over 80 percent of being in the playoffs.  The dig deep guts and troubleshooting during game play have propelled the Cubs and Rangers ahead of their repsective opponents.  Good fortune to your wagers and we will speak to you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting