Apex Baseball Betting Going into Late May

At 22-7, the Cardinals are leading the league by a fair amount.  Dominating the NL Central, they are opening up a sizable gap despite on of their pillars on offense lacking the power punch off of his bat.  In other areas, Apex Baseball betting will take a look around the MLB to look at some eyebrow raising stats that have almost everyone taken aback.  So sit back and read all of this and two players we are looking for increased production this May and June.

Oddities In the League

  • Batting .189 against left handed pitchers will get you benched unless you are slated to make $13.5 M.  With that much money on board, Michael Bourn has to share his starting role but at least has not been demoted to the minors.
  • Royals thought they go little respect from other teams.  Their own fans are also apathetic to the cause as reruns of the Big Bang Theory beats them in the overnights.
  • Thrilling but still inept.  Toronto lead the league in runs but their pitching is almost dead last in the MLB.
  • Finally, Matt Holiiday has little pop at the plate this season going yard only once.  However, he is still getting mad respect with a .474 OBP.

Soon to be Surging

If Brian McCann ever gets back on track, the Yankees could very well hold the Al East for some time. Even though we like all the signs in Baltimore, the Bronx Bombers with his infusion at the plate could be a tough out this month. Meanwhile, Robinson Cano is too good of a player to let Safeco mystify him all season long.  Power numbers were sure to be in decline after leaving Yankee Stadium.  He needs to rely on the other dimensions of his game.  When that happens, the Mariners can make that run in June to wrest the division back into their hands.