Another Weapon in Baseball Handicapping’s Arsenal

Few sports reward those who love numbers like baseball does.  With a universe of stats and metrics to play with, there is a lot of ways to combine numbers.  Half of the joy is trying to divine a system that can reward or at least verify your own handicapping logic.  Today at Apex Baseball Betting, we will look at prices from the fantasy realm to assist us in our wagering.

Ranking Teams by Price

One of the ways fantasy sites rate their players is by assigning a salary for the day they are playing.  This is to limit every player from loading up on the same lineup via a salary cap.  So what we looked into doing is taking the starting nine (AL) or eight (NL) plus the starting pitcher.  Add up the numbers.  Look at the games in play and compare with team has the higher salary.  This is another view on determining the favorite in the matchup.

Best Value

Now you can compare the price the books set with the ratio of the salaries.  Which matchup has the biggest difference in that.  Keep tracking.  If you find that one has a 60-40 advantage against the other heads up then you have something to tail or fade for a while.  The length of the baseball season is what makes this work for us.

There you have it.  A straight forward theory to test out that costs you nothing but a few moments of time a day.  For those that like puzzles, this is your fix that could potentially increase your bankroll down the road.  By creating, testing, and perhaps implementing these ideas, you are opening yourself up to new paths to profit this season.  Good fortune and we will see you later in the week at Apex Baseball Betting. GL.