Angels’ Locker Room is Imploding

Team chemistry is a difficult facet to quantify when handicapping games.  Disciplined and veteran teams know better than to show the cracks that might exist in the foundation.  When the pressure becomes too much, high expectations can cause players to turn on each other.  This is what is happening to the Angels right now.  Having been lapped by the Houston Astros, LAA has lost five straight and at the same time misplaced their collective minds.

How We Handle Pain

Discomfort comes in a variety of forms and those that are pointing at CJ Wilson might want to look in the mirror.  They have forgotten some key principles and resorted to hunting for a scape goat for this latest failure.  CJ Wilson is the brunt of this right now.  He has been battling through another bout of bone chips.  Few would doubt their existence as technology confirms it.  It is an issue of how much pain a person should live with and to what extent should they mortgage his future for the sake of the team’s immediate needs.

Past Stance Has a Role?

At issue might be the stance CJ Wilson took with Josh Hamilton.  Everyone threw him under the bus but CJ Wilson.  He expressed empathy for him when few others would.  Well his team mates are now in the mood to blame another for their collective failure.  Fingerpointing saying that he can gut it out comes at a time when they are on the verge of collapse.  How does this effect our world?

The way it does is with a future.  Price on the Astros to win the AL West is -145 or so.  This seems like a bargin for a team that has no stones.  Lots of blame but little game when it gets tough.  APEX Baseball Betting recommends this wager.  Good fortune to all of us and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball