An AL East Team on the Rise

With an aged Yankees team leading the AL East, the lead of two games could vanish at the drop of a hat.  With Tampa also ready to tank, we have three other teams in this division ready to surge and take the lead going into June.  However, Apex Baseball Betting feels that only one team has the quality needed to accept the gauntlet.  Read on to find out whom you should invest with in MLB betting at America’s Bookie right now.

Competent Construction

One of the reasons we love the future of the Orioles in 2015 is where they are at right now.  12-15 is not a dirge in May for the AL East.  Without Matt Wieters and JJ Hardy, this team has done admirable overcoming the adversity on the field and in the city.  The starting staff has tanked and De Aza is not lighting it up in the outfield.  Even after all of that, this team is on the right track to the title this year.

All Aboard

Fantasy gurus and money line lovers are both agog at the potential Adam Jones has this season.  An over four hundred OBP with a batting average near .390 has this star enjoying a break out start.  Now he will gravitate back to Earth but it is not unreasonable to think he can not be above .300 this year.  A first for his career, he should be in your MVP futures this season.

Finally the youth might be paying off at the hot corner.  Manny Machado is an absolute anchor defensively at third.  His knee injury looks to be a thing of the past.  With his hitting coming around, the Orioles are posed to have an absolute huge end of May all the way through June.  Check in with Apex Baseball Betting as we track our adopted team for the next month.  Good fortune and we will check in with you next time.