AL Wild Card Free Pick : Bad Spot for Houston

Two factors working in tandem will derail the Houston Astros’ attempt at winning the Wild Card in New York.  Starting pitching has to do with both of them.  One is a very direct cause the the other is more of a subtle background factor.  Let us here at APEX Baseball Betting reveal why NY is the better wager for the AL Wild Card on 10/6.

Debunking Dallas

Difficult is the prospect in debunking a twenty game winner.  You are looking at one of the five best pitchers in the National League after Arrieta and the duo for the Dodgers.  That being said, Dallas is night and day dependent on where he pitches.  Home he is invulnerable while on the road he lacks a certain punch.  Now this has not shown itself in the sixteen innings he has held the Yankees scoreless but it will tonight for the following reason.

Short Rest

Short rest is the cross that playoff pitchers have to bear.  Dallas has never pitched on three days rest ad it is going to hurt him here.  Amped up by the situation, adrenaline will cause him to be high in the strike zone at the start.  Later on, his velocity will dip.  In short, he will not be as effective as Tanaka in the game.

Big bats tend to disappear in the playoffs.  Regular season pitching bloats the power numbers by seeing an inflated number of good pitches.  Here in the post season, most teams have many quality arms to bolster their chances.  The chances that Houston will bring it with their “A” offensive game is diminished as well.  Couple all of this together and the veteran leadership of the Yanks will rule the roost here.  Good fortune with our AL Wild Card Free Pick and we will see you later in the week with more October free picks to plunder the books with.