AL East MVP’s Going into 2015

One of the more proven ways to judge a team’s potential for the upcoming season is to see if their star or most valuable player has it in him to do better.  If he does not then the franchise requires effort from a plethora of other members to just keep up.  So let us at APEX Baseball Beting see where the fate of the AL East will be for the upcoming 2016 season.


When your anchor at third base booms thirty five home runs, the future might be rosy once again for Baltimore.  Manny Machado lived up to most of his potential by swiping twenty bases, blasting 35 round trippers, and being a stone wall at third base.  When you have production like this from that spot, this eases the burden on the rest of them to be stellar.  Up on Baltimore


  • Dombrowski better have some magic because Mookie Betts probably has had his career year.  They will scrap the farm system to get a winner right now.  Up on Boston.

Tampa Bay

Chris Archer was stellar and yet had a 12-13 season.  Further proving that the bats win the games in the summer.  Without Maddon, the franchise is rudderless.  Down on Tampa


Josh Donaldson had more bases than the pair of players the Red Sox got and then shipped him.  (Sandoval and Ramirez).  With him, Tulo, and the rest of the lienup, power production will not be a problem.  They can outslug the average or below teams.  Same during the regular season as in hope.  They need a tad more speed and to retain their pitching.


Alex overachieved along with Teix and they still collapsed during the stretch.  Regular season wins in the AL are won more with bats than arms.  Hard times for Yankees with lowered expectations in 2016.

New York wont part with mountains of cash anymore.  A recovery or even treading water for them is unlikely.  Tampa will be worse than last year.  Improvement in Boston and Baltimore.  Finally, Toronto will be near the same with their benchmark being evaluated by playoff potential.  Tune in next time here at APEX Baseball Betting as we shift to the AL Central to see who might catch up to the Royals.