AL Division Futures to Profit By in 2015

We have two divisions that appear to be loaded with the AL East up for grabs.  Speculation from the experts have much love for Tampa but we prefer a different team out East.  How will the defending AL champs do in the central?  Finally, which team will the Mariners surplant in the playoffs?  Follow Apex Baseball Betting for their AL futures Free Picks.

AL East : Offensive Driven Status

Two teams are going to go contrary to expectations.  Tampa has the depth in the rotation but could not produce runs to save their lives.  While Boston has Ramirez and Sandoval now into the fold.  If either of these two players hit their stride early, run production could go through the roof in Bean Town.  Offensive prowess tends to trump lock down pitching during the regular season. Advantage Boston in the Al East.

Al Central : Avoid the Royals

This division is not strong enough to carry both wild card teams for certain.  Kansas City is behind the eight ball and up against it in regards to both Detroit and Cleveland.  The Tigers might have lost Max but improve enough on the defensive side of the ball with Gose, Cespedes, and the returning SS Jose Iglesias.  Meanwhile the Tribe are above average at bat, have a killer bullpen, and a rotation good enough for the regular season grind.  For those wanting an extra boost, Cleveland to win the division has an upside for MLB futures.

AL West : Oakland Forgotten

Nelson has turned the Mariners around in one year both in the eyes of the fans and the standings.  With a city now clearly behind him, Seattle has the tools to take the division.  Josh Hamilton’s troubles have caused an imbalance in LAA’s lineup to one side of the plate.  With Matt Joyce’s allergy to left hand pitching, the Angels are solvable to certain pitchers but that is in the playoffs.  They have enough firepower to take at least a wild card.  Meanwhile, Billy ball has them shucking payroll for youth once again.  This year is another learning curve as the pitching is present but has to be perfect because of lack of runs.  Seattle and Angles are in for certain.