A-Rod and The Yanks are at it Again

One of the first things I learned when I was a kid was to avoid the standings.  Yes it gives you the most basic of gauges but how misleading can it be.  Near the summit perch the Mets via their ten game winning streak.  Find out from Apex Baseball betting why the bag of chips is missing from all that is from the Mets today.

At Least They Have Not Lost it

One can not win the whole damn thing in June but can certainly lose it by then.  New York’s other team has roared out of the gate.  Winners of ten in a row, they are overcoming odd circumstances with injuries piling up around them.  However, part of this overachieving act will soon be at an end.  Not so much that the Mets are coming back to Earth as in the quality of their opposition will soon be rising.  Take a look at the pitchers they have had to face as of late.  Nary an ace or even a Jack in that deck.  Yes, they are making the most of feeding on the cup cakes but look down the schedule.  Time to fade the Mets when they face any quality pitcher.

Every Single Penny

If Barry would have gotten an asterisk then the Yankees would not be fighting uphill right now.  The latest battle they have pitted themselves against once again revolves around A-Rod.  This time it is contract provisions that provided bonuses for certain milestones.  He is to get six million each time he passes certain legends in career home runs.  Certain ones like the Babe might have some doubt to them but Willie Mays is certainly within reach.  A-Rod has 658 while Mays has 660.  He ties him and six million is supposed to be his.  They have to pay his contract but this aspect must certainly grate at them and thus they are fighting to void this section of his contract.

Good fortune to us all.  Teheran takes them on today for the Braves.  We will get to see how New York does against a real pitcher.  Good fortune and we will see you next time at Apex Baseball