A Jaded Generation of Baseball Fans


The Jaded Generation

Around forum blossoms a fair share of baseball threads.  Some are for general trends while others address the games of the day.  Adorning a majority of them this morning are reactions about Adrian Gonzalez and his five home runs…in three days.  This is a major league record and that is saying something over the course of a century plus of baseball.  A majority of the younger fans are saying tongue in cheek that he must be on some new undetectable supplement.  They are joking but it goes to the mindset of the next influx of MLB fans.  Having been duped before, the Jaded Generation will almost look at any power record with a healthy dose of cynicism.  Be proud Dodgers as there are not many things left that get Vin Scully to comment about anymore.

Throwing a Blanket Over Us All

An adjustment might have to be made to a former tried and true mindset.  Regular season wins can be attained by gads of offense has been the forte for the last few decades since Bob Gibson left the game.  However, the trend for this season is the goose egg.  Four days into the season has produce thirtenn shutouts.  Molitor has been having an especially hard go of it as his Twins have not scored a run this entire season.  Dont be fearful and certainly do not go hog wild on the unders.  We have yet to get into the deeper part of the rotations.  Also fatigue and injuries have not piled up yet.  Batters will adjust and if need be, the home office will instruct the umps to alter the strike zone.  Nothing dries up ticket sales in June as much as 2-0 blankings will if it continues.

So be of good cheer and do not panic.  Go to your local butcher and make a purchase.  Stride up to the counter and proclaim, I want the Grand Salami.  It is a wager based on the total number of runs scored today.  It is at 70 1/2.  The linesmakers have reacted too much and the line is off.  Strike now at this free pick which is to bet the OVER.  We will see you next time at Apex Baseball Betting.