2015 World Series Preview Part I

World Series starts on Tuesday and the Mets are itching to buck a recent trend. Of those that swept away their LCS opponents sine 1985, only the 95 Braves kept it up by winning the World Series. Six others have gone down to defeat including the 14 edition of the Kansas City Royals. So in this edition of APEX Baseball Betting, we will look at how the Mets will attempt to cope with their long layoff. Also on the plate is the status of Cespedes and whether he can make it back in time for the Tuesday opening game of the World Series.

Recent Playoff Success Hinges On…

Until proven differently, the formula for playoff success was illustrated best by the Giants. They had won three of the last six fall classic’s with the same tried and true approach. Dual dimensions got them a trio of titles. First, they needed only one light’s out ace. A definite go to starter was mandatory. The other requisite was the ability to manufacture runs. Look at how the power bat teams already got bounced from this year’s playoff. Houston and the Cubs got crunched. As it stands, the Royals are much closer to the ideal construction of a contender than the Mets are at this point.


Most of these are on the Mets side and could bring them anywhere from ultra competitive to sweepable. Cespedes is dealing with an extremely nagging left shoulder. Cortisone is not the cure all and only numbs the pain. The feel being gone means that both batting and throwing from the field will suffer. At least they will have his wheels but that is even in doubt as the Royals will pitch right at him. The other X factor is Murph from Earth. This long layoff has to have cooled his hot bat. Couple that with the Royal’s staff having the time to game plan around his bats makes a repeat performance by him highly unlikely.

Playoff pressure will take its toll on the Mets’ starters. This Royals team can cause havoc on the basepaths. Couple that with the sudden loss of production for New York’s offense will mean the blink factor will come into play with the young aces. A close and entertaining series but just too many advantages and even intangibles go the Royals way. KC in six is our pick for you to profit by. Good fortune in your baseball wagering at America’s Bookie and we will see you next time with more free picks and analysis.