15 Year Drought Over as Mets Get to World Series

Congrats to the NY Mets.  Maybe John Smoltz had it correct when he called this staff the best in baseball since his Braves slung it back in the 90’s.  Chicago was bounced out in four straight.  Today on APEX Baseball Betting, we will look at this, the departure of the Don in LA, and how fast Blue Jays World Series tickets went.  All of this coming at your right now from APEX.

North of the Border Feeding Frenzy

Tickets went on sale near the point where the Blue Jays could get the series to almost even.  That did not stop legions from snapping up potential World Series appearance seats.  Online and box office opened up at 10AM and less than an hour later, poof it was over.  Even the red headed step child seats like obstructed view or heavens forbid alcohol free vanished under a torrent of sales.  Canada is ready to drench this drought.

Mets Ring It In

8-3 brought to you via another Daniel Murphy home run.  No way he was not going to win the NLCS MVP after he personally brought the broom that ushered out the Cubs.  Some may attribute this to a slump by the Cubs but in truth the Mets displayed the dominance of their pitching staff.  One big hitter, speed of Cespedes on the base paths, and all that stopping power has them in the Fall Classic.  Congratulations.

Finally in a move that everyone saw coming, Don Mattingly is out as skipper of the Dodgers.  Mildly surprised that he did not make it past the World Series, his teams did very little in the playoffs.  With the bankroll dolled out on this franchise, quick eliminations is not the recipe for keeping your coveted job.  APEX Baseball Betting will follow the managerial search and have our Free Pick for the World Series once the AL component is known.  Good fortune today and we will see you next time here at APEX.